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If you’re looking for your perfect getaway trip for next year, I’m going to show you five reasons to cruise Alaska should be at the top of your list. My last visit (5 trips in total) was two summers ago. My wife and I enjoyed a 11 night cruise/tour from Vancouver to Fairbanks, Alaska. Whether you want to immerse yourself into the stunning flora and fauna or just escape from the city life for a while, cruise Alaska makes for a wonderful destination!

  1. Take Some Memorable Shore Excursions

When in Alaska, there are some wonderful cities and towns boasting national parks and shorelines. Of course, the activities you complete will depend on your interests and physical ability but, luckily, there’s something for everyone. If you really want to immerse yourself into the culture, why not choose dog sledding, helicopter rides over glaciers, or even whale-watching? If you time the trip correctly, you could also attend one of the many traditional lumberjack competitions.

2. Choose what Suits you

When you Cruise Alaska, you get to design a trip you’ll enjoy as you set off from Vancouver or Seattle. Along the way, you’ll make several stops at interesting sights and cities. As you follow the Western coast, you’ll head towards Juneau and Ketchikan which will introduce you to the Alaskan ‘tail’. To receive the most panoramic views from the ship, make sure you pass the Hubbard Glacier and Glacier National Park. Once you’ve witnessed these incredible views, you won’t ever forget them.

If you choose a longer cruise ‘tour’, you’re likely to continue on to Anchorage and the Kenai Fjords National Park. From here, there are opportunities to go further inland to the likes of Fairbanks, Denali, and many others.

3. Experience Extreme Weathers

While some of us like to sit in the sun for ten hours a day, others like to experience what the world has to offer and Alaska definitely falls into the latter. Known for extreme weather and a unique environment, it’s always best to have too many layers than not enough. From experience, I know the weather can vary greatly from one day to the next. As long as you have a windbreaker to deal with the bitter cold and rain, you can then cut back to a t-shirt when the sun comes out.

While on the note of packing, don’t forget your camera! If possible, bring one capable of taking high-quality panoramic photos. With all the sensational mountains and landscapes, you won’t be able to leave the camera in your pocket.

4. New Culinary Experiences (Delicious Seafood)

If I was to compare the world’s greatest locations for fresh and wild-caught seafood, Alaska would be right near the top. In addition to this, Alaskan ports are used as a hub for the finest seafood and countries import regularly through here so you can enjoy how seafood should taste.

Warning: Alaskan seafood might just be the most flavorsome seafood you’ve ever tried and I can’t be responsible for your disappointment when you can’t find anything close at home!

5. Consider Small Ship Cruises Too!

Although Alaska has been offering the cruise services for some time, more and more are now promising ‘experiences’ rather than just showing you around. Furthermore, bigger isn’t necessarily better because the smaller cruise ships can actually access areas not available to larger ships; they can generally navigate the waterways more efficiently. While enjoying the stunning cuisine the smaller ship has to offer, you can experience the Inside Passage and other intimate settings with unique wildlife.

Visit Alaska!

Ultimately, cruise Alaska isn’t just a ‘vacation’ or a ‘trip’…it’s an experience. Whether you find yourself gazing up at the mountain ranges or enjoying the night sky (Aurora Borealis helping to create the most beautiful lighting possible), it doesn’t seem wrong to use the word ‘magical’ for Alaska. When you return home, you’ll feel refreshed, your batteries recharged, and you’ll be full of memories to last a lifetime.

If you want a special trip like Alaska, please feel free to get in contact today. With years of experience and passion for designing luxurious experiences perfect for YOU, I’d love to help!

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