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Whether you’ve been to Europe in the past or not, it’s my opinion that all my luxury travel clients give a European river cruise a try. They’re one of the simplest, most hassle-free ways to see multiple locations in Europe in a relatively short amount of time–and not to mention they’re really fun and worthwhile! If you haven’t yet considered a river cruise, here are some of the great reasons to try it in 2017.

No Stress Getting from Point A to B

affinity_exterior_austria_danube_wachauHighways can be treacherous and stressful. Trains stop often and involve a lot of commotion. In the quest to get from point A to B, a lot of the fun is lost for travelers. On a river cruise, however, the act of moving from point A to B is part of the whole experience–and one that travelers can enjoy even when relaxing in the comfort of their own river-view stateroom.

Views for every room

And that brings us to another point: On a river cruise, ArtistryII_Interior_Panorama-Suite_2every room has a great view–so time spent in the cabin can actually be enjoyable and less confining for travelers. For the discerning luxury traveler, I find it’s the little things like that which can make a huge difference in the experience.

On board curriculum

Scenery_Interior_Panorama-LoungeUnlike riding a train or taking other forms of rapid transit, your river cruise is designed with your interests in mind–namely, seeing the sights and perhaps learning something along the way. Many river cruises include not only the tours that let you see the scenery, but also on-board curriculum you can use to go even deeper with your understanding. Learn about ancient art, music, local languages and cultures, regional wines, ancient and modern architecture, Christmas markets and so much more. As a luxury travel consultant, I find it’s these kind of extras that make European river cruises so attractive to my clientele.

Up close and personal with history

budapest-parliamentLarge-ship cruises can be stunning, but there’s just something so personal about cruising in a river boat. With their lower profiles, the views give you a perspective that’s more like that of riding in a car than floating above the scenery. What’s more, a river cruise has access like no large cruise ship could ever have–meaning sites like Budapest’s historic Parliament Building are seen with an unobstructed view, up close and personal.

Local Dining that Changes Every Day

impression_interior_dining-roomTypical river cruises give passengers a strong sense of place and local customs–and that often extends into the foods offered on board. River cruises will have a host of options for dining, but along with the casual or buffet-style options will typically be that fine dining experience my clients are seeking. If you’re a foodie, you’ll naturally have lots of options to eat during shore excursions, which often drop you right in the heart of a city where some of the best restaurants often lie. Still, a quality on board meal experience is yet another reason I often recommend European river cruises to my clients.

So what’s stopping you? When you’re ready to discuss the options even further, be sure to get in touch!

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