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It often gets overlooked in the midst of flashier cities such as Los Angeles, or notorious places like the San Francisco Bay.  But if you’ve never considered San Diego as one of your ideal vacation destinations, you’re missing out! There are simply so many wonderful things about this southern California city, that it was time to convince at least a few of you to consider San Diego. With that in mind, here are 6 reasons you need to take a luxury trip to San Diego.

Other Worldly architecture

Mission church in San DiegoWith a mix of epic Spanish colonial and Victorian homes, San Diego offers that blend of architecture that’s decidedly American, and definitely elegant. The city also pays plenty of homage to modern architecture, with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies serving as the crowning achievement of modernism in the city. Anywhere you stroll, prepare to delight in the simple magic of the city’s buildings.

If the Luxury Expert could order up weather, it would be just like this

Sunny and warm year-round. Sounds really nice, doesn’t it? With its location so close to the border of Mexico, summer can get decidedly hot — but it’s a haven for long-suffering Canadians the rest of the year.

Outings to write home about

Surfing in La Jolla BeachAnd with that great weather comes nearly endless opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors. For the adventurous, you might find yourself enjoying the parasailing, surfing or riding high above the sky in a hot air balloon. For those more interested in fun as well as relaxation, you can try a sunset dinner cruise, or even hire your own skipper for a day out on the water. San Diego is also a great cruise port.  Passenger ships park right in the heart of downtown. You can basically get off the ship and be smack in the middle of downtown with restaurants and shops within a one mile radius.

Dining to die for

San Diego Old Town MarketIn San Diego, the focus is on what’s fresh, local, and cutting-edge — all things that a person on a luxury trip in San Diego is probably going to seek out. (As always, I can help you select the restaurants that will most please your unique palate.) In other words, prepare to be dazzled by the fresh fish, the delightful produce, the abundant local wine, and often, wonderful outdoor patios that abound in San Diego.

Nothing says luxury like beach side accommodations

Hotel Del Coronado San DiegoFrom sweeping hotel room views at luxury hotels such as Hotel Del Coronado, to your very own vacation rental tucked away on a dazzling beach, there’s just something about having a view of the water that screams luxury. Fortunately, people in San Diego tend to understand that — and so plenty of the luxury accommodations you’ll find will offer spectacular views.

San Diego does pampering right

With its many moneyed denizens, San Diego offers no shortage of luxury options for your vacation spa day. From elaborate spa facilities to expert services, taking the time to pamper yourself is always worthwhile, for both men and women!

It’s always my pleasure to help my clients plan their luxury trips and San Diego is one of my favorite American cities. As always, every tour is tailored to your needs — so let’s talk about your next trip!

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