Dean Barreca, Luxury Travel Experience Specialist


We believe luxury is about the pursuit of unforgettable experiences.

Our mission is to create exquisite experiences with exceptional quality and attention to every detail.

Dean Barreca’s career and purpose are guided by one simple truth: Life can be a magical experience when lived to the fullest. With that in mind, Dean tends to take a different approach to the business of luxury travel.

Typical travel agents will focus on making reservations and ensuring clients get from point A to B. But for Dean, it’s the actual experiences of travel that matter the most. That’s why instead of calling himself a travel consultant — as he’s done in the past — Dean calls himself a Travel Experience Consultant.

Knowing that travel can change lives in remarkable ways, Dean goes far beyond simple price quotes and bookings. His highly refined consultation process allows him to uncover dreams and desires that can transform otherwise ordinary journeys into trips of a lifetime. Perhaps this is why no two travel creations of his are exactly the same. Each is a unique combination lovingly tailored to each client.

From itineraries to destinations and activities, each component will be perfectly paired with the right hotel, resort, tour guide or ship. Everything involved is rooted in Dean’s mission to create exquisite experiences. That also means working with the best suppliers in the industry and maintaining global relationships with influential decision makers. It’s all part of his quest for quality.

Dean currently resides in Woodstock, Ontario with his lovely wife, Olga. Prior to founding The Luxury Expert, Dean has also worn the hats of missionary, trumpet player, music producer and entrepreneur —all with travel as a common thread. Travel has been a powerful tool for change in his own life, and he is passionate about sharing that joy with others.

Just a few of Dean’s personal favourite travel adventures include:


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