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While some locations cater to a niche market, there are others that offer something for everyone like the Greek Islands. Welcoming keen photographers, history enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and those who just want to relax, it’s fair to say a cruise in the Greek Islands offers opportunities for all. If you’re searching for the perfect cruise in 2018, the Greek Islands might just provide the answer and here’s five reasons why!

Numerous port towns and Islands

If you soon get bored of your vacation destination, a tour of the Greek Islands is ideal because you’ll be visiting some of the most beautiful ports towns and islands without having to worry about constantly packing and unpacking as you go.

Leave the Stress at Home

Let’s face it, life can be stressful whether it’s work or personal problems. When you choose a cruise around the Mediterranean, all the stress of travelling is taken from your shoulders leaving you with nothing to do except relax and read up on the next stunning city.

Beautiful Weather

With the season lasting from May until October, the summer months will typically push through the 100 degrees mark with September and October also offering hot temperatures across the Aegean region. What’s more, for the swimmers among us, the water is warm throughout the season and the crystal-clear waters make the shore excursions a picture only previously seen in holiday brochures.

Whether you’re taking pictures of the panoramic views, strolling through the quiet seaside villages, or forgetting the worries of the world looking over a cliff’s peak, the sea will always welcome you regardless of your location (you could even enjoy a wine-tasting session while overlooking the water!).

Delicious Foods

Over the years, we’ve come to learn that the cuisine in any location can make or break a vacation. Luckily, the food in the Mediterranean brings a two-pronged benefit because it’s healthy as well as providing flavors you never thought imaginable. With most meals, you can expect a healthy serving of olive oil along with vibrant fruits and vegetables. Regardless of whether you’re on the ship or eating locally, the dishes will bring your palate to life.

If possible, I recommend trying as many flavors as you can and you won’t walk away with any regrets. For example, the Greek yogurt-based dips are famous within the area. With the food, be sure to pair it with local wine too.

Learn and Experience History

Finally, the itinerary can vary but you’ll have opportunities to explore Santorini, Mykonos, Katakolon, Athens, Corfu, and Argostoli. In addition to this, your trip could also include Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, and Turkey.

Since you don’t have to worry about the planning and logistics of the trip, you’re free to immerse yourself into the local cultures and history. If we use Katakolon as an example, Ancient Olympia can be discovered in all her glory. Elsewhere, the traditional narrow streets in Mykonos Town will lead the way to charming and unique shops before then meeting the owner of Assimomitis Winery and Vineyards (you’ll get to try the wine too, of course!). Each village will have their favored seafood dish offered in abundance by several small eateries.

Conclusion – While other areas of the world are quickly gaining our attention – including the Far East and Caribbean – I still believe there’s something unique in the Greek Islands. When it comes to cruises, the Greek Islands still reign supreme as it links Europe, Africa, and Asia.

If you need help or advice to make your trip as luxurious and enjoyable as possible, please feel free to get in contact today. With knowledge and experience in this area of the world, I can remove the stress and put you in a position to create memories that last a lifetime!

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