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We’re well into the digital age with most people searching the Internet several times a day on their computer, tablet, and smartphone, what need is there for a travel advisor these days? When it comes to travelling, every airline, tour operator, hotel chain, resort, cruise ship, etc. has a website. You can get plenty of information online and even book your own reservations direct.

over the wather bungalows at Four Seasons in Bora BoraThere is a big difference between a travel agent who merely researches and provide prices and a travel “Advisor” who listens carefully to your dreams and is experienced in designing a vacation of a life time, gives transparent advice and sees you through right up to you return.

While you can get a tremendous amount of information online, keep in mind that the travel site is there to sell you something. There is no way to get the unvarnished truth about a particular destination from the content on their website. Without the kind of firsthand knowledge that an experienced luxury travel adviser provides, you stand a good chance of running into real trouble.

Today’s technology offers an abundance of information. You can get weather reports, local maps, lists of activities, local sightseeing, modes of transport, equipment rentals, local events, and festivals, etc. With all this at your fingertips, people assume they can plan their vacation down to the last detail. But, when you look behind the scenes it’s not that easy.

Expedia Media Solutions reports that on average, travelers research 40 different websites before making a decision on a packaged trip. People visit the websites of each country, region, and city under consideration. They search the websites of hotels and resorts plus visit online sites like Expedia, Travelocity, KAYAK, Booking.com and TripAdvisor, etc.

After spending all these days, weeks and even months, you can find yourself wondering if the information you’re relying on is accurate. The truth is there’s a good chance that the pictures displayed on many of these sites are misleading and/or outdated.

Although it’s perfectly natural to go online when planning a trip, many people do not have the time or the inclination. Once they realize the information isn’t reliable and they’re left with more questions than answers, they turn to a professional. An experienced travel advisor knows how to use the Internet wisely, as well as an abundance of other resources. They know whom to call, what to ask and where to go to dig deeper. Having access to central reservation systems, they can get you the best rates and availability. Professional travel agents and advisors go back to their clients with several options that fit their criteria and budget.

The amount of time that you would need to spend online planning your trip can be better spent shopping for a new camera or set of luggage! Let your trusted travel advisor with all his or her experience take care of researching all the details for you. You can then make an informed decision and look forward to your trip without all the stress and worry.

In 2005, after a 15-year career in the apparel business I joined the travel industry to do what I love most. It thrills me to help my clients plan incredible trips that will give them memories for a lifetime. With all that the Internet offers it’s still vitally important for people to rely on professional input when planning their vacation. When you only have so much time off work and money to spend travelling, why leave anything to chance? If you want a vacation that you can truly look forward to and enjoy, call a reputable travel advisor. And if you want an exceptional travel experience with personalized attention, give me a try.

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