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When you’re planning a wine tour adventure, we say cheers to you! But before you tip your glass, here are three top travel tips for wine lovers to keep in mind before you get in the car and head out.

Have varietals in mind — but don’t be afraid to branch out

wine-varietiesAs a wine lover you probably already have your preferences for certain varieties of wine — and that’s just fine. Use that to help you decide which wineries you’ll visit — but at the same time, don’t be afraid to try new varieties. If you’ve always been a wine lover of merlot, you may be surprised to discover that pinot noir or some new local grape variety actually suits you better. Explore — that’s what vacations are all about!

Explore your local shipping laws

bottle-wineIt’s easy and convenient to be able to purchase wine at the tasting room and have it shipped back home; that is, if your local laws allow it. There’s a good chance the people at the wineries you’re visiting will know where they can ship and where they can’t — but you don’t want to be stuck unprepared the day of. If you’re not able to ship from the winery to your state or country, bring a padded wine carrier you can use to haul your goods back home.

Do you need reservations?

napa_wine_trainWineries don’t operate like other bars and restaurants where you can simply walk in and enjoy the wares. Some will require reservations, or may only be open by appointment. If you have your heart set on visiting a certain place, check the rules ahead of time — especially if you’re travelling with a larger group.

Conclusion for Wine lovers

There are many food and wine destinations in the world that travelers can discover.  Whether you choose to visit the wine regions of Europe or to stay here in our very own continent of North America, be sure to do your research. Make a list of what you would like to experience and check with your travel experience consultant for good advice on a package that will meet your needs.

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