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In today’s modern and busy world, it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. You’re going along, working, maybe parenting or spending lots of time caring for your home or business… and often wondering why you’re not entirely satisfied with the way things are going.  This blog focus is why Travel is good for your soul.

Yoga classes at Wellness resort in MexicoEverything seems to be OK — so why the long face? Turns out, there really is something to the notion of “pushing the reset button.” As Proust so eloquently put it, travel gives you a way to see things with new eyes — and in that way, travel truly is good for the soul.

So why Travel is so important?

With some time away to simply enjoy the spoils of life and to see some of the beauty of the world, you begin to grow those new eyes. Eyes that recognize and revel in art, architecture, music, food, laughter… things that are around you all the time, but in your busy life, you don’t always take time to appreciate.

Then again, it’s not so much about the sights you’ll encounter while you’re actually on that trip, but how you begin to see the world once you’ve come home. Where once that nagging problem seemed to be the most challenging thing in the world, after actually seeing something beyond your day-to-day reality, that little issue somehow gets put into its proper place: As a small thing, not insurmountable at all.

So how does it happen? Why does it happen?

travel somewhere newAs a luxury travel consultant, I don’t necessarily have the answers to those burning questions. All I know is, it does. I’ve seen that glow on my clients’ faces once they’ve come home from a trip that was even more magical than they’d imagined it could be. It was a trip they’d carefully researched (with my help, of course!) but it still managed to exceed their expectations and blow them away. I’ve felt that feeling myself, on every trip I’ve taken.

As I mentioned, I think it comes in part from suddenly having the time to look around you, and to notice things in a way you haven’t before. It also comes from lifting off the troubles of your day to day life. Sometimes, it comes because you’ve seen other walks of life, and you’re suddenly sure that yours is the best way to live — for you, of course.

And even if everything at home is pretty much hunky-dory, I’ve seen how travel can add more lustre to people’s lives. Who wouldn’t want a little more soul-lifting in their world? When you’re ready to uplift your soul and to pursue a dream vacation that is specially designed with you in mind, please get in touch. But until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how travel has inspired you, changed you, or made you see the world with new eyes.

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Luxury Travel Specialist based in Toronto, Ontario. Dean Barreca’s career and purpose are guided by one simple truth: Life can be a magical experience when lived to the fullest. With that in mind, Dean tends to take a different approach to the business of luxury travel.

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