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Finding a low price and booking travel is easy. Anyone with a smartphone or computer can do it!  You might wonder why anyone would use a travel pro these days. It’s a good question to consider and the answers might surprise you.

The Deal behind the Deal

The average person takes a vacation about once every two years. Travel consultants deal with vacations many times a day. With endless training and staying up to date, they know the details that could change everything.

For example, online resort deals can look amazing! Many however, are for “liquidating” the least desirable rooms. Small, outdated ones in noisy areas overlooking dumpsters are always cheaper than larger, recently-updated, quiet ones with great views. Apps rarely disclose this.  A skilled travel Pro knows how to avoid such disappointment.

Unlimited Options

Shopping for travel online or in apps creates an illusion of infinite choices. In reality, nearly all of them use heavily biased displays. The most prominently shown products are usually those that earn more for the website, with other shown last or not at all.

Travel consultants have access to systems and portals not available to the public. With few exceptions, they see all options, from all suppliers with unbiased and unfiltered availability.

When Things Go Wrong

Booking your own travel makes you responsible for everything! It’s assumed that you read the confusing fine print and chose the right options with reliable suppliers. It’s assumed that you booked the right flights to connect with your cruise, or resort check-in, and made no mistakes with international documentation and more.

If anything is overlooked, misunderstood or goes wrong, you’d be on your own to fix it. Ask anyone who has dealt with nearly expired passports, volcano’s, late flights, missed cruises, airline strikes, lost hotel reservations… It’s a nightmare to deal with these things on your own.

When a travel consultant plans and books your trip, they are bound to represent and protect you before, during, and after. They leverage their clout with suppliers and make the most of their industry influence and training should anything go wrong.

Lower Price?


From posh resorts to casual getaways, there is always lower price somewhere. There is also always a reason. Sometimes, it’s a good reason, or a very bad one you wouldn’t know about until it’s too late.

If there is a legitimate deal, a good travel consultant can usually get it for you. If it’s a rip-off, they are there to protect you from it. After all, travel is our passion and it’s what we do every day.


Having a professional travel Pro who cares about your vacation is certainly going to benefit you. I have spent the past 12+ years dedicating my time researching, attending international conferences and collaborating with destination specialists around the globe.

My biggest reward is when a client returns from their vacation and tells me how much they enjoyed it and how my advice and caring service made a difference.  Reminds me of why I chose this business and feeds my passion to deliver amazing luxury travel experiences.

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Luxury Travel Experience Specialist based in Woodstock, Ontario. Dean Barreca’s career and purpose are guided by one simple truth: Life can be a magical experience when lived to the fullest. With that in mind, Dean tends to take a different approach to the business of luxury travel.