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Whether you are getting married soon, already married, or thinking about renewing your vows, it’s never too late to create a dream honeymoon. If you’ve never planned a one before, you might not know where to start. Even if you have already enjoyed your first but are hoping for an even better second one, the following can help. There are four important factors to consider that can make your dream honeymoon a reality:

1 – Communication

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When I meet with engaged couples, newlyweds, or even longtime couples, I’m often surprised by the small amount of discussion they’ve had about their honeymoon desires. It’s understandable in today’s busy world. Many are simply too busy, too stressed, or consumed with other important things (like wedding details).

This usually leads dream honeymoon seekers to the Internet where they hope to find quick answers. Instead, most become overwhelmed by the countless destinations, deals and options all appearing to be perfect. It can be difficult to distinguish the legitimate offerings from the rip-offs. It is also impossible for a website or app to know what will actually make you happy.

Instead of starting with screens full of deals and advertising, it’s better to start by communicating with each other about the experiences you hope to have. As a travel consultant, I know how to take those desires and pair them with the right deal, destination or resort that can best fulfill them.

Some of the things to discuss include: the social environment you like (quiet and secluded, or busy and active), the type of food and dining you prefer (casual, gourmet, room service), activities (water-sports, beach, spa, sightseeing), and even the cultural experiences you’d like to have. These are some of the key elements that create lasting travel memories you will cherish for years to come. So, take the time to discuss them with each other and with your travel consultant.

2- Primary Experience

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While there are many aspects to any vacation or honeymoon, it is important to think about the main experience you hope to have overall. Of course, romance is a given with most honeymoons, but not everyone has the same idea of what that means. For example: do you prefer something energetic and exciting, or more relaxing and serene? Do you enjoy adventure or educational opportunities, or are you just seeking some peaceful private time together? Some couples dream of long walks on a beautiful beach where others are dreaming of luxurious meals shared by candlelight.

All of these are possible alone or in combination; however, deciding upon your primary experience is critical in determine the best resort, destination or cruise for your honeymoon. It also requires getting to know your partner’s desires and may involve some compromises here and there. In the end, you’ll be glad you took the time to discuss it in advance. It helps prevent stress or disagreements while you’re away.

3- Dream Honeymoon Destinations

Over the water bungalows at Four Seasons Bora Bora by Dean

One of the more common complaints heard from do-it-yourself honeymooners is that their chosen destination didn’t quite live up to their expectations. This is why, as a travel consultant, I always start by discussing the experiences and desires first. Most popular destinations claim to have “something for everyone”, it doesn’t’ mean that you’d get a good version of it everywhere. You can find pizza anywhere, but none can compare to those in Naples! Every destination has something its “known for.”

Still, with so many beautiful and amazing places around the globe it is easy to create a dream honeymoon for nearly any desire. For example, some of the top destinations I recommend for romance include Bora Bora, Italy’s Amalfi coast, Hawaii or one of the Caribbean islands. Those seeking adventure, the rain forests of Costa Rica are unforgettable. Should you desire adventure closer to home, I often recommend the Canadian Rocky Mountains and its world-famous luxury resorts.

Selecting the right destination for your desires is only part of the puzzle. Not every destination is perfect year-round! Luckily, a good travel consultant knows when it is, or is not a good time to visit.

4- Investment

You might wonder why I put this at the end of the list instead of at the top. Even if you only have a set amount to invest in your honeymoon, it’s usually not a good idea to start there.  If instead you start by communicating with your partner about each other’s desires (see point #1), then decide together upon the primary experience you’re after overall (see point #2), that will help you choose the perfect destination (see point #3)!  By then, you might even find that it could cost LESS than you had expected – it happens a lot.

couple on honeymoon on cruise ship

Of course, you might also find that it costs more than planned; however, by following these steps, you’ll be far more likely to enjoy the trip at any budget.  In other words, you won’t be wasting your money or just hoping for the best.

I understand that your honeymoon investment is an important.  In some cases, the trip has been funded by parents or relatives.  Even then, it is still better to start with your experience desires first, to make sure you get the most for your money.

Your investment provides you with options and flexibility. Whatever you decide to invest in your dream honeymoon, my job and my passion is to help you transform it into beautiful memories.

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