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No matter where you go in the world, it’s always a good idea to take the time to consider safe travel. For this reason in this blog I am going to highlight safe travel destinations during turbulent times.  It is always a good practice in airports and train stations, to a close eye on your bags, and even locking up your items when necessary. In hotels, having a safe for your valuables can help.

While those are general guidelines for wherever you travel, there’s another thing to consider: Choosing destinations that are safe overall. In some cases, that means avoiding certain locations all together. When you’re planning your trip, we’ll always try to advise you when there are potentially-precarious situations involving cities, countries or regions—but it’s also a good idea to keep abreast of information provided by your government’s travel department as well. But if you’re the extra-cautious type who wants to avoid the conflicts all together, here are some safe travel destinations you can count on, even during turbulent times.

Tokyo, Japan

Being the most densely-populated city on the planet doesn’t have to mean the place is full of crime—as evidenced by Tokyo, Japan. The city is indeed the most dense, but it was also listed as the world’s safest city in The Economist’s Safest Cities index for 2015. And it seems that most of Japan is following suit, as the city of Osaka was listed as third-safest for that same year. With a plethora of delicious dining options, gorgeous parks and high-caliber accommodations to satisfy the luxury travelers, it might be time to start planning your trip right now.

New Zealand

Need a way to get away from it all? You may want to add New Zealand to your list. On the 2016 Global Peace Index, New Zealand was ranked number four. When you visit, you’ll likely notice the vibrant, open-minded vibe right away. Add that to the country’s gorgeous mountains, sweeping meadows, glaciers and other natural beauty, and you’re sure to have a vacation that truly lets you leave your troubles behind.


OK, so when it really comes to the absolute safest country in the world, you don’t get any better than Iceland, listed as the safest country in the world, according to the 2016 Global Peace Index. Not only is Iceland a good bet even during turbulent times, it’s also an outdoor lover’s paradise. Go hiking or trekking in the country’s trails and volcanoes, soak in one of the island’s many geothermally-heated pools, or go whale watching… and that’s not to mention the country’s bustling arts, food and festivals scene. Oh, and you’ve never seen the Northern Lights like you will while you’re in Iceland.

When it comes to safe travel vacations that help you avoid the turbulence of the world, there are lots more to list! If a tranquil, conflict-free vacation is what you’re seeking, let the team at the Luxury Travel Expert help to guide you toward the getaway that meets your needs.

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