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With hurricanes and earthquakes dominating the news lately, it can understandably cast a shadow and put fears how to travel and plan a worry-free vacation. While some disaster details have been exaggerated by the media, others are truly tragic and worth careful consideration. Whether you plan to travel in the next few months, or within the next few years, the tips below can help you reduce the stress, and make it all a little more worry-free.

#1: Hurricane Season and Southern Sun Destinations

Hurricanes occur almost every year in the Caribbean, Florida and around the Gulf of Mexico. Some are little more than heavy rain storms and others can obviously be devastating. While they can happen at almost any time, the most common period for them is during the months of late August to mid November. This is one reason you’ll often see so many promotions during that time.

If hurricanes concern you (as they probably should), I suggest choosing other destinations during that time to enjoy a worry-free vacation. In the three weeks or so after the official hurricane season ends, most resorts and beaches are blissfully quiet. I recommend finalizing your plans at least three weeks to three months in advance for a worry-free vacation and have access to the most options.

#2: Autumn Cruises in the Med

A delightful and beautiful alternative for worry-free travel vacation is to cruise the Mediterranean! During the same months of weather instability in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean seas are calm and welcoming. From Croatia, down to the Greek Islands, this area can be ideal in terms of fall weather, and allow you to avoid the crowds that summer usually brings.

In the same vicinity, Turkey can be magnificent in the fall, unlike the often-unbearable heat it has in the summer.  It’s a terrific opportunity to top-up your tan in near perfect temperatures.

#3: Wine Regions of California, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal

If your idea of a perfect trip involves a glass of fine wine in your hand, September and October are both excellent months for it!  In Europe and even California, you can explore some of the best vineyards in the world.  You’ll also find numerous wine festivals to enjoy in both areas in the many traditional wine-producing towns and villages.  My short-list top picks include Tuscany, Porto, Napa Valley, and Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

#4: Cruise along the Danube and Rhine Rivers

Also available during September and October, are unforgettable river cruises.  The Danube and Rhine rivers have attracted a significant amount of attention recently and it’s not hard to see why. With no worries about hurricanes or earthquakes, you can pass through Germany, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Serbia. Even in the fall, the days are usually warm and comfortable enough for exploring.  In the evenings, a light jacket or sweater is usually sufficient.

If the idea of a river cruise intrigues you, I strongly suggest making arrangements up to a year in advance.  With increased popularity and limited availability, you can choose from the widest range of options by planning ahead.  River cruising started as a trend, but has quickly become a preferred way of seeing the best of Europe.

#5: Buy Insurance for a Worry-Free Vacation

Whether you choose to travel during hurricane season to the Caribbean, or during the calmest weather months of the year in Europe; the right insurance is a must. While it is true that many resorts and cruise lines now offer hurricane or disaster policies, not all provide sufficient coverage for all the elements of your trip. Some for example, may not deliver evacuation assistance, which can quickly become critical when it is needed the most.

Luckily, as a travel consultant, I know how to protect my clients with the best insurance for their needs. That doesn’t always mean spending more. In fact, the right protection could save you more than you ever imagined, should something wrong.


I hope these five simple tips can help have a worry-free vacation. Some natural disasters like hurricanes can be avoided with proper planning. Others like earthquakes cannot, but do remind of the importance of protection. If you hope to travel during the months of September or October, or at any other time, I would love to help. Creating dream vacations is my passion. I look forward to creating one for you.

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